Friday, December 16, 2011

Fun Times Silver Spring Maryland

Washington D.C. is my home city and a fantastic and fun place to visit.  The museums, restaurants, cultural neighborhoods, make D.C. the place to see.  But let me introduce you to another little area just a subway ride outside of D.C. that has become quite the place.  It is called Silver Spring, Maryland.  Now when I live there many years ago it was a sleepy little suburban town but wow has it grown up.  Silver Spring now has a fantastic downtown shopping center with high end clothing stores, restaurants and theaters live and film.  Remember the Fillmore in San Francisco?  Well Silver Spring has one now.  The restaurants are numerous, Ethiopian, Indian, Mexican, etc.  There is ice skating also.  Just a 15 minute Metro Subway ride from downtown D.C. getting off at the Silver Spring Metro.  Next time in D.C. check it out.

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